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  • Check out the wonderful pictures that we have of the history of our area. See the Saloons that lined our street at the turn of the Century. Also various other historical memorabilia  that we plan on displaying.

More Pictures to Come

Report from the Spirit Seeker Investigation

  • Investigator Angie makes psychic contact with a spirit known as Stacia or Stacy on the 2nd floor landing.

  • Investigator Larry is touched on the back as he ascends the stairs to the 2nd floor.

  • Investigator Melissa feels a cold sensation that runs from her hand to her elbow while standing at the foot of the stairs

  • Investigator Vicki has someone or something sigh close to her ear while in the upstairs office.

  • Investigator Angie makes psychic contact with a spirit known as Len in the 1st floor hall.

I decided to start listing the unusual things that are going on at TRAX. I will least every time something out of the ordinary happens.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I walked into the building today and every door bell was ringing.( we have three door bells) I thought that maybe someone was playing a prank by taping the the door bell button down but that was not the case. The only way that I could get the bells to stop ringing was to pull the batteries from them. Oh by the way these were new batteries in the door bells so that could not have been the problem.-Philip